Track of the week- Rae Sremmurd-Look Alive

Sremm Life 2
Sremm Life 2; releases August 2016

Due to the fact that it would be a bit tiresome to have a new feature track everyday, I’ve decided to change the title of this category to track of the week. I think it makes more sense. This week’s track is from two-man group Rae Sremmurd with their single “Look Alive”. It’s from their new album SremmLife 2¬†which is surprisingly very listenable. I say that because I was one of those people who was critical of Rae Sremmurd due to their lack of focus on lyrics, but you know what, I think they have their niche. Their production is always on point, and easy-listening rap is necessary.

“Look Alive” has an enticing beat produced by Mike Will Made-it. The production is a bit “spacey” in my opinion as if this song was made to listen to when you’re inebriated or high. Group members¬†Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee go back and forth discussing their adventures with women and alcohol. Very simple concept, and it made for a track with a very chill, and relaxing vibe. The kind of track you put on when you’re having a get together or a kickback of some sort.





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