Track of the day – 50 cent – The good die young


1999; Power of the dollar
1999; Power of the dollar


Today’s track of the day is 50 cent –The Good die young from his unreleased “Power of the dollar” album. This is pre-gunshot wounds 50 cent so his delivery and cadence is much different then what we know it to be. This track utilizes a sped up version of Monica’s “So Gone” instrumental, and it’s brilliant. 50 touches on his life at that current moment and what causes him to do savage things. He also gets really introspective when he speaks on his possible demise, and what his music means to him ” Let my tombstone read I tried and from the start everything I wrote was from the heart, so it’s always gon be number one on my chart”. With this track being titled the good die young,  and him viewing himself as not necessarily being a good person I guess he thought maybe that his demise could be imminent.  He then goes on to describe his kill-to-eat mentality and some of the “juxes” he has to embark on to obtain money.

What’s great about this track  is that you get a sense that you are really hearing the thoughts that go on in the mind of a downtrodden person, that has to be a criminal to survive. From this track you hear what the criminal feels about death being around the corner, has he accepted it? does he still fear it? You also hear what that person’s reasoning is for being a criminal. In 50 cent’s words “I hate to do this to you, but I really need this cash”.




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