Track of the day: Nas,Damien Marley – Count Your Blessings

Circa 2010
Circa 2010


Today’s track of the day comes from Nas and Damian Marley’s 2010 joint album Distant Relatives. The album in general consists of lots of positive vibes but track #6 in particular “Count Your Blessings” is very jubilant. Damian Marley sings the hook that explains a few things that he’s thankful for and his positive outlook on life; “I’ve got joy in abundance, I’ve got life full of substance, I’ve got meetings and functions so I count my blessings”. Nas goes on to rhyme about his child that is about to enter the world, and his plans to raise him to be an honorable individual. He also goes on to speak about how hard times can make us lose sight of our blessings, and we have to maintain because we all have a purpose.

Very good messages in this track, and it’s only right that on the sabbath,this be the song of the day. Although we hustle every day and live in a country where everyone is made to feel that they’re not doing enough, we have to sit back and realize that we are truly blessed.

Nas and Damian Marley perform at The Late Show:


Sounds even better live. I’ll let you tell it.




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