50 cent-Position of Power


50 cent's 2nd Opus
50 cent’s 2nd Opus

Today’s track of the day is one of my favorite songs from 50 cent’s 2nd studio album The Massacre.  “Position of Power” spoke in regards to finally reaching the goals set for yourself after all of your hard work. It’s reaping the fruits of your labor and feeling untouchable. You hear the joy and the excitement from the beginning of the record, where 50 is marveling at the amount of money he just obtained. Of course this record delves into speaking about material items, and why  shouldn’t it ? after risking death in order to obtain this position of power. This record  also goes on to speak about exponential growth in regards to expanding his business; “thinking the east ain enough it’s time to expand, I plan to head out west and plant my feet down” he continues “touch the Hollywood paper, go and shoot me some flicks, have some supermodel b***** come and suck on some d***.”   This is another one of my motivational/work-out records, it definitely puts you in a mood to win.

I’ll let you tell it.




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