Track of the day : Schoolboy Q- Str8 Ballin

blank face
blank face

Today’s track of the day is  “Str8 Ballin” from Schoolboy Q’s Blank Face LP. The album itself is a great body of work, but Str8 Ballin is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. I love the production, and you have to love a rag to riches story. I’m all for records that speak in regards to motivation and getting out of your poor circumstances.Q speaks in-depth about the things that he’d been through  and how it feels to finally be here.  Throughout the whole album Q showcased his lyrical prowess, and it definitely shined through on this record with lines like ” The teachers ain teachin(sic), the judge taught us numbers” and “hidin(sic) from the reaper tryna(sic) dodge the cage, the shit I’ve done to rhyme on this stage”. It’s definitely a dope anthem, and very car speaker friendly.


I’ll let you tell it.





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