Track of the day : The Beatles-Tomorrow Never Knows


7th album: Revolver
7th album: Revolver

Today’s track of the day is a bit out of the box for me. From the Beatles’ 1966 album RevolverĀ is a song titled “Tomorrow Never Knows”. I’m not a Rock fan at all but IĀ heard this track on an episode of AMC’s Mad Men ( a show I’m currently binge-watching on Netflix) and I had to download it. The instruments, the melodies, their voice ; it caught me. I’m not even sure if I understand completely what they wanted to convey, but I could tell they were on an Acid trip. The song seemed very much in a dreamlike state, and I believe the lyrics spoke about their experiences while under the influence of that drug.

Once again I’m not an expert on this genre, but i know a good song when I hear it, and this track is definitely infectious despite it being 50 years old.

I’ll let you tell it.

Best version I could find on YouTube; pardon me:


Better version:

The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows




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