Track of the Day- 2pac, Nas, J.Phoenix- Thugz Mansion



The track of the day is one of my favorites, and always puts me in a peaceful mindset; “Thugz Mansion”. This track addresses the stress that people living in impoverished communities face, and their longing to one day be at peace. Although they’re referring to individuals that may live on the wrong side of the tracks, you realize at the end of the day they’re still human and want to be happy just like everyone else. Nas starts off telling a story of a particular individual that is just stuck living a life with no direction.  In this short story he speaks on an adult who’s made mistakes that edged his future in stone. A case of a person trapped in urban hell with no foreseeable positivity in his life. Thus , the need for a helping hand. “bring him out to Thugz Mansion”. 2pac on the other hand decided to conceptualize his verse in a way where he already perished from this world and is enjoying eternal peace. Once again a song where Pac foreshadowed his demise.  He sums it up best when he states “Just think of all the people that (sic) you knew in the past that passed on, they in heaven found peace at last.”He continues  “picture a place that they exist together, there has to be a place better than this in heaven.”

It always makes for great music when you’re able to hear the raw emotional realities that people deal with on a daily basis. This song was a break from the monotony of sensationalism, and glorification of criminal activity. This is Hip-Hop at its truest form; speaking for the masses and those that don’t have a voice.

Honestly, my words don’t do this song any justice. I’ll let you tell it.





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